Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Indiana offers assistance in paying water bills.


If you are an Indiana resident who qualifies for energy assistance (EAP), you may be considered for LIHWAP funding as well. When completing the EAP application, check a box to apply for water assistance and submit your most recent bill.  Click on this link for more information:  Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

LIHWAP is a temporary emergency water/wastewater program that will help low-income households and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will be used to fund a one-time benefit for eligible households who have been disconnected or are on disconnect notice from water/wastewater services or arrearages for water/wastewater services. This funding is available to be used through September 2023 and the program will be finished when the funds run out.

The water assistance program can only be applied to via the energy assistance program (EAP) application. When completing the EAP application, simply select that you would also like to apply for water assistance.