Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is , currently, comprised of 2 shifts.  Day Shift 6 AM - 6 PM, Night Shift 6 PM - 6 AM.  Both shifts have a supervisor.

Patrol Officers form the backbone of the agency and have the most contact with the public. Officers assigned to Patrol are responsible for responding to calls for service from Boonville residents and businesses as well as conducting preliminary investigations of crimes.

The patrol officer's duties encompass a broad range of responsibilities including preventive patrols of neighborhoods and businesses, interaction with the public to foster better community relations, answering calls for service, compiling incident reports, assisting persons in need, and taking enforcement action in matters related to their assignment. Patrol officers make the majority of arrests for the agency. 

1st Shift Patrol
Supervisor Lt. Jonathan Bruner
Patrolman Casey Miller
Patrolman Nicholas Ricks

2nd Shift Patrol
Patrolman Matthew Brown
Patrolman Justice Goeken
Patrolman Seth Biggerstaff

3rd Shift Patrol
Supervisor Sgt. Tommy Anderson
Patrolman Logan O'Bryan
Patrolman Cody Trine

Officers Currently in the Southwest Law Enforcement Academy

Part-Time Officers
Patrolman Chuck Childress
Patrolman Richard Howard
Patrolman Chuck Knoll